Bathrooms, fitted and bespoke

Easy-to-fit bathroom accessories

Most of the major tile manufacturers produce a range of surface-fixing bathroom accessories in colours to match their plain and patterned tiles. These accessories can be applied in the same way as ordinary tiles and are available in the same dimensions.

We fit bathrooms from start to finish;

We fit bathrooms in London using one of our partners Home Cure Repair. They are a professional plumbers company with a very high standard of services. If there are any problems or leaks you can contact them directly and they will instantly send someone over to fix it. Our professional workers are fully CSCS qualified to carry out any work that is required.

Bath edging

Use ceramic edging cove to seal the gap between the bath and the wall.

The edging is sold in packs which contain sufficient pieces to complete an average-sized bath, as well as four pre-cut mitres for the corners, and two shaped finishing pieces for the ends.

The adhesive is also supplied with the pack—it is rubber based and remains permanently flexible to allow for movement in the bath due to contraction and expansion. The adhesive will stick to glazed tiles, enamel and porcelain, but may have a solvent action on paint, which must be stripped off first.

Toothbrush rack

  1. Straight trim
  2. Mitred trim for corners
  3. Round end for finishing

Adhesives and grout

Modern adhesives have almost superseded the old sand and cement method of tile fixing. They are easier to use and give better results. Most can be divided into two groups and classified according to the surfaces for which they are suitable.

Thin bed adhesives: for use on smooth, level surfaces. The adhesive is spread on to the surface and combed out in a layer 1.5-3 mm. (-,16-4 in.) thick. This type of adhesive can be used for all jobs in the home. Thick bed adhesives: for use on rough and uneven surfaces.

Bal-Flex is suitable for both thick and thin bed application.

In addition, there are adhesives which are intended for specific use in difficult or unusual situations.

Towel rail ends

Flexible adhesives: for use in areas where some slight degree of background movement may be expected (wooden floors etc.). Listed below are some of the many brands of tile adhesives and their uses.

  • Hansgrohe Axor
  • Hansgrohe Pharo
  • Hansgrohe Raindance/Rainfall
  • Hansgrohe/Axor Kitchen Mixers
  • Vola
    Villeroy & Boch
  • Grohe Cistern Frames
  • Keuco
  • Huppe
  • Acova
  • Bisque
  • Water Softeners
  • Underfloor Heating


  • Terrano Hand Shower
  • Acova central heating radiators
  • Huppe Bath Screens
  • Keuco Cosmetic Mirror
  • PHARO Shower Column
  • Vola Showers
  • Vola Basin
  • Villeroy and Boch Tap Look

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