High quality is standard

Colour co-ordinated Interiors – Interiors are colour co-ordinated for greater aesthetic value.

Cabinet Backs – Cabinet interiors feature solid backs that are full height to keep out dust.

Superior Hinges – Inserta Hinges offer tool free hinge-to-door and door-to-cabinet assembly for fast and convenient fitting as well as easy removal. The hinges have been through rigorous testing procedures to offer for wear and fatigue including 200,000 opening and closing cycles as well as load and abuse testing to support their lifetime guarantee.

ABS Edging – Thermoplastic ABS Edging has a thickness of 0.6mm and is pliable, robust, and environmentally friendly.

Cushion Buffers – Integrated Cushion Clad Drawer and Door Buffers provides discreet protection to the exterior of the unit during wear and tear.

Extra Deep Titanium Drawer Boxes – New 500mm deep Titanium drawer boxes feature a solid top shelf making them more stable and robust, as well as providing increased load capacity. In addition Full Extension allows unrestricted access to the contents and works perfectly with the Orgaline Drawer Management System.

Specific Handing – eliminating the need for drilling on both sides of the carcase giving greater aesthetic value. The inclusion of handles and hinges reducing the risk of separation.

Plinth End Caps – Specially designed joining units created to connect two ends of plinth together. Made from plastic and colour co-ordinated to the carcass they offer provide a sharper edge and a neater finish.

Stronger Packaging – Polystyrene corner caps, cardboard protection panels and a £70,000 investment in a Spiral Wrapper secure all packaging to the product making it more robust whilst in transit.

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