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The importance of maintaining your roof

Regular roof maintenance is an essential part of maintaining a leak-free environment. In addition to regular roof maintenance, gutters and associated rainwater goods should not be overlooked. If roofs aren’t taken care of, many problems will appear which can be expensive.

Gutters on the average industrial premises can be subjected to excessive demands by way of silt and vegetation forming, thereby restricting flow to outlets and the wash-off of algae, lichen etc. from large areas of roof slope.

Furthermore, considerable stress can be placed on gutter joints and existing liners by thermal movement, settlement etc.

You can save 20% with our flat roofing specialists

We can provide an economic solution by undertaking regular roof maintenance on a contract basis and/or providing gutter lining systems to existing defective gutters.

We take into account the specific requirements of listed buildings and Social Housing, in North London & Essex.

How we build and construct your new flat roof:

  • Stripping down the existing roofing materials
  • Battening the roof with 2″ x 1″ treated roofing battens
  • Layering the new roof with the chosen material
  • Chasing out the chimney stack to one inch depth, insertion of wedges and pointing new 6 inch flashing and dressing
  • Supplying and erecting scaffolding in compliance with current health and safety at work regulations
  • Felting the roof with high quality breathable roofing material
  • De-nailing of the old roof joists
  • Carry away all waste materials
  • Take down and remove scaffolding on job completion

A trusted flat roofing company

All Flat Roofs work will be carried out to the highest quality and completed on time using our specialist tools, premium quality materials and our professional tradesmen. Click here for the answer to any questions you may have.

This will give you peace of mind that work we do on your property will been done to the very highest standards by our skilled and experienced staff.

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