Thinking about buying a property? Here are 15 things you should do before going ahead

Tips before buying a property


Buying a property will be the biggest purchase of your life, and making small mistakes can cost you a lot in terms of mortgage payments, maintenance and bills. This is why we have generated a list of the most important things to consider. Click here for more advice.

Use a mortgage deposit calculator

A mortgage is most people’s biggest outgoing and how much you borrow will have a massive effect on you.  A mortgage calculator will ask various questions and the answers are used to determine how much money you have for a deposit. See more here.

Government schemes such as Help to Buy have helped to increase the choice of mortgages available to those who just had a 5% deposit to put down.

Mortgage deposit calculator

View the property at different times of the day

To be truly happy in a property, you must love and feel comfort continuously throughout the day. Most people will only go to see a property once and during the day time, so they may not experience the large crowds of people outside on a Friday night or blaring music in the evening. View more information.

Calculate the real cost of buying a property

Buying a home is definitely going to cost more than first anticipated. Below are some of the other things that you will need to factor in.

Need a fast house survey? Receive a quote the same day

Using a chartered surveyor to perform some type of survey on a property you are going to potentially buy is essential if you want to be aware of the condition of the house and its true value. This could help you to negotiate the pay to a lower price, or could give you advice about maintenance. Call 020 8133 9517 today.